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3 Reasons The Elderly Can Benefit From A Compounding Pharmacy In Perth

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At Emslie’s compounding pharmacy in Perth, one of our most popular services is redesigning medications for the elderly. As we age, we all know that the number of medications we need to take seems to grow exponentially. This can pose problems for many of our older relatives.

This is why locating a compounding pharmacy can be a great benefit to your family. You don’t have to worry about your elderly relatives having difficulty breaking their tablets up every day.

The reason that tablets need to be cut up is because the large multi-national pharmacological companies only manufacture tablets in certain sizes. This means that if your mother for example, needs a 5mg tablet, but they only come in 10mg sizes, she will have to break the medications into two pieces every day.

Compounding Services

This can be a big problem for the elderly because of arthritis in their hands, poor vision and a lack of coordination. At our compounding we solve all of these problems for you and your elderly relatives.

  1. No more cutting up tablets: With our compounding services we can give your elderly relative tablets that are suited to their needs. So they may still need to take one or two tablets, but they won’t have to cut any of their tablets up anymore.
  2. No more wrong dosages: When tablets are cut up into two or more pieces, you can never be certain that you still have the correct dosage. This can be a problem because your elderly relative might take too little or too much of their tablets, resulting in problems with under or over dosages.
  3. No more wastage: You have most probably noticed than when you break tablets into two or more pieces you are usually left with lots of little bits that are just thrown away. This happens because you don’t know if you have the right dosage in the broken bits of the tablet, so you simply discard them. At our compounding pharmacy in Perth we can give you tablets that are the right dosage and do not need cutting into pieces, saving you money every time you need a new prescription.

When elderly people have problems with their medications, they can quite often just not bother with them, because it is just too difficult or too stressful for them. This is why having customised tablets from your compounding pharmacy in Perth is such a good idea.

Here at our compounding pharmacy we can also change tablets into liquids, if your elderly relative has problems swallowing tablets, and make liquids taste of strawberries or something really nice for them (which is also great for children of course). For more information on how Emslie’s compounding pharmacy in Perth, Western Australia can help customise your family’s tablets, call us on 08 9387 1803, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.

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