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5 Benefits Of A Family Run Pharmacy In Perth

Local & Family Run Business

With all of the large supermarket chains, we can sometimes forget the benefits and personal health services of a small, local family-run pharmacy in Perth. This is because it may seem easier to pick up your non-prescription items at the supermarket and then go to one of the large pharmacy franchises for your prescription items.

Old Fashioned Services

In our daily lives, we tend to focus more on saving time than on added value, so at first, the large supermarkets and chemist outlets can seem to be a good option. In reality however, there are 5 clear better health benefits for your family when using a local, family run pharmacy in Perth.

  1. We get to know you: At our local pharmacy in Floreat, we make the time to chat so that we can get to know you better. Learning about your family enhances our relationship, the advice we can offer and in essence is what a community is all about.
  2. You get to know us: The more you interact with us at our family pharmacy, the more you will trust us and learn how we can really help your family with advice on products, their medications and other health care needs.
  3. We offer lots of different services: We offer advice and specialised services for the care of diabetics and we also have medication packs that make taking daily medications so much more organised and safer. We can run through your medications with you or your elderly relatives, making sure that you understand what they are all for and when to take them.
  4. We can customise your medications: If anyone in your family has problems taking their medications, doesn’t like the taste of them or has to cut up the tablets, we can solve all of these problems for you. This is because we are a compounding pharmacy, which means that we can redesign your medications into a different format, change the taste of them and make sure that you don’t need to break any more tablets, ever again.
  5. We can give you advice: We can give you advice on your current medications and how they interact together, and help you to select other non-prescription items that you might need. This type of help is not available at the supermarkets and the large pharmacy outlets tend to be much too focused on sales, rather than on giving advice and personal service.

[H3] Respected Perth Pharmacist Team

Emslie’s Pharmacy in Perth is owned and operated by a mother and daughter team who have earned the respect of their customers and are a trusted and valued team in their local community. For more information on the health services we provide at Emslie’s Pharmacy in Perth, call us on 08 9387 1803, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.

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