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Allergy Symptoms

Fun Fact! Did you know that even though the common name for allergic rhinitis is hay fever, it is not caused by hay, and doesn’t result in fever? 

Whichever name you use, these allergies caused by environmental allergens like pollen, dust mites, moulds, and pet dander can be no fun for anyone. When these tiny particles come into contact with your nose and/or eyes, they can cause a range of unpleasant symptoms. 

What are the symptoms?

Allergy symptoms differ from person to person and affect almost 20% of the population every single year*. They are more common in Spring and early Summer due to increases in pollen and dry winds to carry it, resulting in people experiencing a range of symptoms such as:

Depending on how sensitive you are to the allergen you’ve been exposed to, you might experience one or more of these symptoms.

How can I reduce these symptoms?

A nasal spray like Nasonex Allergy is designed to be sprayed directly into your nose, to reduce swelling caused by allergies and provide long lasting relief from nasal congestion, sneezing, and itchy and runny noses.  
If used on a daily basis (for up to 6 months unless otherwise directed by your health practitioner), it can also be used to prevent allergy symptoms occurring in the first place!

You could also try a sinus rinse kit like Flo Sinus Care, which is a non-medicated solution for washing the nasal passages, sinus cavities, and back of the throat where allergens, germs, or any other irritants breathed in may lodge. Gentle enough to be used daily, you may also be able to use Flo Sinus Care in conjunction with other nasal sprays, so have a chat to our Pharmacy team in Floreat and see which solution will be right for you!

Minimise your allergen exposure with these handy tips!

While most allergens cannot be avoided altogether, you can reduce your exposure to them in a number of different ways. When you are out in the garden, try to avoid being the one to mow the grass, and if you need to, wear a particle filtering mask to protect yourself. Keep an eye on the Pollen Count, and avoid going outdoors on high pollen days, especially if it is windy or after a thunderstorm!

House dust mites are very common allergens found within the home and reducing exposure to these can be as simple as washing your bedding weekly on a hot cycle, vacuuming rugs and carpets weekly using a vacuum with a HEPA filter, and wiping shelves and blinds weekly with a damp, anti-static cloth. You can read more tips on the National Asthma Council’s website.

Come in and see us today to have a chat about allergy solutions!

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