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Ask About A Home Medications Review At Emslie’s Pharmacy In Perth

Emslie’s Pharmacy in Perth, Western Australia, offers free advice on better health care in the home as well as many important health care services, supporting the Perth community.

Personal, professional customer service is a significant point of difference between Emslie’s Pharmacy and other supermarket-style pharmacies.

Emslie’s Pharmacy in Perth, Western Australia has the true essence of the old fashioned family friendly pharmacy, providing health care service, advice on home medicines and patient care.

The highly trained pharmacists at Emslie’s recommend that their customers have a regular Home Medicines Review (HMR), especially the elderly and those who may suffer disabilities who may be on several medications.

The well trained staff also provide family friendly health care services and free advice to those customers who come in off the street not quite sure what medication they need.

Sometimes patients do not realise that the medicines they already have at home may cause an adverse reaction when taken with other medicines.

HMRs are particularly useful for people who:

• Take more than five medicines a day
• Have recently spent time in hospital
• Are concerned about their medicines
• Are confused about their medicines
• Do not always remember to take their medicines

Do My Medicines Have An Expiry Date?

Medication management and a Home Medicines Review In Perth are very important health care services. Many people in Australia have various medicines in their bathroom cabinets which have been there for a very long time. A lot of these medicines are often out-dated and need to be disposed of immediately in a suitable manner.

It is safe practice to be aware of what medications are actually in your bathroom cabinet and why.

If you have leftover medications, tablets, capsules, creams or potions in your bathroom or kitchen cabinets, you do need to remove them.

The safest and most environmentally friendly course of action is to bag them up for safe disposal. Do not throw them in the bin or flush them in the toilet.

For more information on where to take your unneeded medications for that safe disposal, please pop in to Emslie’s and have a chat with one of their very friendly staff members, or of course you can call them on the number below.

Other health care services offered by Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy to the local Perth community include:

• Advice on medicines
• Medication management
Breast Pump Hire
• Home Medication Reviews (HMR)
Diabetes care
Medication packs
• Meds check/Diabetes Medscheck
• SMS script reminders
• Compounded medications
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Advice on Healthy Skin

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