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The Benefits Of Pharmacy Compounding For Children

Compounding Pharmacy

Compounded medicine from your local compounding pharmacy is the way to go for parents with kiddies who hate medicine. Pharmacy compounding is a huge help to you when your children refuse to take their medications. We all know that it can be very difficult to encourage children to take their health medications at home , particularly when they are sick.

There are many reasons why children don’t like to take health medications, but the two big problems are that many of the liquid medications don’t taste very nice and then lots of the tablets are just too big for them to swallow easily.

These can be huge issues for parents to overcome, so compounded remedies from your compounding pharmacy is the perfect solution, which will take a lot of the stress away from medicine time – for both you as a parent and for your children’s health.

What is pharmacy compounding?

Compounding benefits For Children

Compounding is only available from your local compounding pharmacy. Not all chemists do compounding  remedies and health products. The compounding  pharmacist needs to be specially trained . Pharmacy compounding is when your child’s medications can be reformulated and compounded to look and taste different. So your child’s medicine can be changed from a tablet to a liquid and can be made to taste like strawberry jam or bubble gum!

As you can image, these changes will make a huge difference to medication time. Whilst your child may initially be reluctant to take their medications, the different compounded formulations will quickly have them on board in no time at all.

Another great benefit of compounded products (pharmacy compounding) is that when children have allergies or intolerances to certain ingredients in medications, so finding the right formulations can be a serious challenge to parents. A compounding chemist however, can remove these ingredients, such as soy, gluten or even dyes, and create a compounded formulation specific to your child’s needs.

Changing the form of the medication

If your child has a problem taking their tablets, then these can be changed to a liquid, which makes the whole process of taking their medications so much easier. You might not realise it, but many medications can also be reformatted to look like gummy treats, lollipops, fizzy drinks or even topical gels. So with this variety of options available to you, medication time will no longer be stressful.

Changing the taste of their medications

Even if your child’s original medication is in liquid formulation, they usually don’t taste very nice and while we would just grin and bear it, children are not so happy about it!

This is another area where pharmacy compounding is so beneficial to both parents and children, because we can make your child’s medications taste really nice. Just think about chocolate, strawberry or water melon flavoured syrups and you realise how much easier medication time can be at home with pharmacy compounding on your team.

For more information on how pharmacy compounding can help your children take their medications, call us on 08 9387 1803, contact us at or contact us by completing our online enquiry form.

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