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How Can Compounding Medications Help Your Family?

Compounding Medications

Many people have not heard about compounded drug medicines and have no idea how their family can benefit from these types of compounded drug products. This is a shame, because a compounding pharmacist can make a huge difference to the way you and your family take your medicines.

For example, if you or any members of your family have any issues with a prescribed drug, such as having to break tablets in half or if your children are always refusing to take their tablets, then asking your chemist about compounding medications is the solution.

Benefits Of Compounding Medications

  1. No more breaking up tablets: All mass produced medicines are sold in a set number of dosages, so if someone in your family needs a dosage that is different to those sold in a regular pharmacy, you have to break the tablets into halves or quarters.

This is such a common problem that they actually sell little devices to cut up tablets. Apart from being fiddly, the main problem with breaking up tablets is that you end up with lots of crumbs and you are never quite sure if you are left with the correct dose. The solution is compounding drug medicines, because a chemist who offers this specialist service can make up the exact dosage for you, so you don’t have to break anymore tablets.

  1. No more spitting out medications: We all know that children and the very elderly quite often refuse to take their medications, because they don’t like the taste of them or they can’t swallow tablets. However, if you ask for compounding medications at your local pharmacy, you can have tablets changed into liquids or syrups and horrid tasting syrups changed to lovely, tasty flavours.

These changes can make a massive difference to your family when it is medication time in your home, making it so much easier for your children or elderly relative to take their medications.

  1. No more issues with allergies: If you have been searching for a brand of medicine that doesn’t contain certain ingredients, which you or a family member are allergic to or simply prefer not to ingest, then drug compounding medicines are the solution. Your compounding pharmacist can create the same medicine for you, but without these ‘filler’ ingredients, which are usually the problem in mass produced drug products and can set off your allergies.

Compounding Information Available

So if your family has any of the above issues with their medicines, you will really benefit from visiting a pharmacy that specialises in compounding medicines. All you need to do is ask your GP for a compounding drug prescription and then you are good to go.

For more information on how compounded drug medicines can help your family, call Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy in Perth on 08 9387 1803, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.

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