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Can Compounding Medications Help Your Family?

What Are Compounding Medications?

Have you ever heard of a pharmacy where you can get compounded medications? They are not common. What is a compounding pharmacy? What do they do? They specialise in compounded medicines and better health products. These are medications that have been compounded (mixed ) so they are specific to your health needs. For example, we all know that young children have huge problems taking medication, especially big tablets, but many medications they need to take are only produced in a tablet form.

This is one area where compounded medications can really be of great benefit to your family, because a compounding pharmacist is able to change the form of a drug and give your child their medications in, for example, a liquid form, which is easier to take. This is a great service.

Not only that, but the compounding pharmacists can also make medications and better health products for patients taste a lot better (even like bubble gum!), taking away a lot of the fuss when your children require medications.

Pharmacies that specialise in compounding medications are few and far between, because pharmacists need to undergo additional training to perform the art of compounding. The compounding chemist have been specifically trained in this area of pharmacy practice.

The Benefits From Compounding Medicine?

The compounding pharmacy offers many different benefits when compared to the chain stores or even to health products found in supermarkets. With a compounding pharmacy you have someone who can really talk to you about your medication and what might be causing you problems. This health service for patients in a compounding pharmacy is rare and so important.

For example, if you are allergic to gluten, a compounding pharmacist will know whether gluten is included in your medications and with a prescription from your doctor, they can create a gluten free compounded alternative for you.

Other Benefits From Compounding Medication

Another huge benefit of compounding medications is that you can have the actual dose you need, rather than having to break up tablets into two, three or four different pieces. Your compounding pharmacy staff will be able to provide compounded products which is great for elderly people who can become confused with all of their medication, which is made even worse when they have to try and break up a small tablet, so they can take the correct dose.

We all know that tablets never break into two or more even pieces and this can jeopardise a person’s health if they take too little or too much of their medications.

Apart from providing compounded medications, this specialist compounding pharmacy is renowned for being friendly, for having excellent customer service and for building positive relationships with their patients.

Compounding pharmacists tend to know their patients , as they usually see them for many years and this increases a feeling of community spirit, which many impersonal drug stores tend to have lost today.

So if you are lucky enough to have a compounding pharmacy in your neighbourhood like Emslies Floreat Pharmacy, pop in and introduce yourself. Talk to the friendly compounding pharmacy staff. Maybe have a chat about how they can help your family overcome any medication challenges in your family? For all your family’s compounded medicines and health products, visit our compounding pharmacy.

For more information on compounding medications and better health products , call us on 08 9387 1803, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.

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