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Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy at 445 Cambridge Street Floreat WA have been looking after the better health needs of families in their community for decades, and under the guidance of mother and daughter team Margaret and Taryn since 1999.

At Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy, you’ll enjoy a range of better health services including:

• Diabetes Care
• Home Medicine Reviews
• MedAdvisor
• MedsCheck
• Medication Packs

A Medication Pack From Floreat Pharmacy Helps With Multiple Medication Confusion.

There are many people who need to take several medications during the course of the day.

Trying to remember whether you have taken the correct dose of a particular medication, the correct amount of times during the day or week, is complicated for most people, especially the elderly.

It is very important that the correct dosage of medicine is taken carefully and at the right time, to avoid any complications associated with missing medications or over-dosing.


Webster-pak® is also available from Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy. It is a safe and simple medication pack to use.

The medication pack is a container that sets out all the tablets and capsules that need to be taken at each particular time of the day, for each day of the week.

• The pharmacist at Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy takes the doctor’s prescriptions and dispenses the medication into a blister pack.
• This pack is securely sealed so the medication is protected and there is no chance of spilling or mixing things up.
• When it is time to take the medication, the person simply pushes out the contents of the blister through the foil backing for the correct time on the correct day.
Webster-pak® provides a visual cue, so you always know where you are up to. It is as easy as that!
Why Webster-pak® Works:

• The pack provides a visible reminder to take medication
• It is simple to see whether medication has been taken or not
• The pack is sealed and secure to prevent spills or mix ups
• Suitable for all age groups
• Professional service from your pharmacist at Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy
• The pack is convenient and portable

If you need a medication pack, why not let us do everything for you ?
We can follow up your prescriptions for you from the doctor and then either post or deliver your medication pack to you.

This service is just one of the many provided by the welcoming, well trained and experienced team at Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy in Perth, WA.

If you are looking for old fashioned personalised service with a friendly smile, pop in and visit us at our Floreat Pharmacy at 445 Cambridge Street Floreat WA 6014 or see below for contact details.

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