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Emslies Floreat Pharmacy

Choose Floreat Pharmacy If You Prefer Old Fashioned Service

It is hard to believe that today it is becoming even harder to find a pharmacy that does not look like a supermarket.

These super-chain stores with row after row of products for sale, with everything from tissues to protein shakes, are not friendly, and a private chat with the pharmacist is often out of the question.

These stores seem to be all about numbers – customers are given a number, they wait for their buzzer to go off, then they sign the prescription and it is cheerio.

This service is cold and impersonal, and while that may be fine in the supermarket, it is definitely not appreciated by those who have an interest in their own wellbeing and who expect a little interaction with the person dispensing their medications.

Floreat Pharmacy Is Where The Personal Approach Feels Better.

Emslie’s Pharmacy first opened its doors in the early 1950s and was later known as Emslie & Son, when father Richard was joined by his son, Alan.

Margaret Artelaris, who had been employed by Alan, became a partner in the business with Alan in 1999.

Alan retired in 2004, after which Margaret’s daughter, Taryn, also a qualified pharmacist, joined in the partnership.

Richard Emslie recognised the importance of compassion and individual care towards his customers and today that same philosophy of personalised health care is continued by all the staff at Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy in Perth, WA.

The friendly and well trained staff at this Floreat Pharmacy in Perth are always happy to see their customers walk into their pharmacy, whether they are older customers who have been going there for years, or the newer customers that have discovered this gem in a city that is fast becoming caught up in fast food, drive through coffee and now the drive through chemists.

There are many of us who appreciate the genuine caring attitude that the staff at Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy show to their customers.

Sometimes just a friendly smile and a nod of acknowledgement can make us feel a lot better when we are not feeling well.

It is comforting to know that this chemist understands our personal medical health history, making it so much easier to discuss when purchasing our health care products.

The staff at Emslie’s Floreat pharmacy are well trained and very approachable, so if you have a personal health issue or a query about “over the counter medications,” or you need to chat to a pharmacist, you can rest assured that you will be treated with courtesy and respect.

At the Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy in Perth, both Margaret and Taryn are accredited to perform Home Medication Reviews which enables them to better help their customers.

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