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Cold Defence Nasal Spray

mundicare® Cold Defence Nasal Spray

A natural product to tackle a cold at its source.

Stop your cold early and get up to 2 days back*1-3

Common colds are caused by viruses. You can’t see them, but they are everywhere. They enter through the nose – one of the first places they take hold – and attach to the nasal lining where they multiply and spread, causing those pesky symptoms.

Most cold medicines only treat the symptoms; however, mundicare® Cold Defence nasal spray attacks a cold at its source and eliminates up to 99% of cold viruses from the nasal lining. When used at the first signs of a cold, it’s clinically proven to stop colds up to 2 days early!1-3 It’s powered by Carragelose – a natural ingredient sourced from red seaweed. Carragelose forms a barrier in the nasal passage that traps cold viruses, helping to reduce their multiplication and spread, allowing your body’s natural defences to sweep the viruses away from the nasal lining.

So the next time you or your child catches a cold, remember to use mundicare® Cold Defence at the first signs and help stop your cold early.


Natural Carragelose

mundicare® Cold Defence Nasal Spray contains a natural ingredient Carragelose™, derived from a type of red seaweed. When used at the first signs of cold symptoms, it has been proven to reduce the duration of a cold and lessen the severity of cold-like symptoms such as sore throat, clogged nose, runny nose, cough, sneezing and chills.1-5

How does Carragelosework?

Forms a protective layer on the surface of the mucosa

Binds/traps the viruses, hindering their spread and multiplication

Viruses are eliminated naturally through the nasal mucus

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*When used at the first signs of a cold. **In the nasal lining. #under medical advice.


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