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Paediatric Information

Children are full of life, energy and the curiosity to try new things with a smile.

Bring a medicine bottle out of the cabinet, though and those smiles may turn to tears. Kids just don’t like medicine. Sometimes there is nothing you can do about that; there’s nothing fun about being sick, and taking medicine just makes it worse.

While there’s no guarantee that taking medicine will ever become an entirely pleasurable experience, there are some ways to help.

Working closely with a compounding pharmacist, your child’s doctor can prescribe medications for pain relief, respiratory disorders, oral thrush, diabetes, head lice, nappy rash, skin disorders, cold sores and more. Because children vary in size and weight, we are able to help in formulating a medication which comes in the exact dose needed for a child of a certain age and size.

Dozens of flavours, such as bubblegum and chocolate, are available to enhance the taste and colour of a medication. Alternate dosage forms for children include lollipops, chewable lozenges, syrups, ice blocks and transdermal gels. Contact Emslies Floreat Pharmacy for more details.

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