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Do You Struggle To Manage Your Medications? Ask Emslies Pharmacy About Medication Packs

Many people in the Perth community struggle to manage their medications themselves.  One of the great services that we offer at Emslies Floreat Pharmacy is Webster packing.  Webster packing is a safe solution for people that struggle with the daily routine of taking a number of medications at various times during the day.   There are a number of benefits to having your medication packed in Webster packs in the Pharmacy.  Not only do they provide a visible reminder to take your medication, they can also show you whether you have taken your medication or not.  How many times have you thought to yourself ‘Did I take my blood pressure tablets this morning?’ If you have Webster packs, it is easy to check whether your medication has been taken or not.  There are so many benefits to getting your medication packed in Webster packs, just ask our team at Emslies Pharmacy in Perth to find out more.

Who is suitable for Webster packs?

Many people in the Perth community would benefit from medication packs.

Reasons to start medication packs

How easy is it to organise medication packs at Emslies Pharmacy?

Once you decide that you would like to have your medication packed for you, we will organise everything for you in the Pharmacy.

At Emslies Floreat Pharmacy, we care about the health and well being of our customers.  We want out customers to take their medication correctly so that they can stay happy and healthy and feeling their best.  Medication packs are a great service that can help improve medication compliance across a wide group of Perth people.  It makes managing medication easy and convenient for our customers.  If you would like to find out more about our medication packs or would like health advice from one of our friendly Pharmacists,  contact the team at Emslies Floreat Pharmacy to find out more.

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