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Emslies Floreat Pharmacy

Emslie’s Pharmacy Perth For Your One Stop Chemist & Family Health Care Services

Emslie’s Pharmacy Perth has been looking after the pharmacy health care needs of the local families in the Perth community for many years.

Mother and daughter, Margaret Artelaris and Taryn Boyatzis, have owned Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy in Perth, WA since 1999, offering expertise in many areas of pharmacy health services for the benefit of their customers in the local community.

Emslie’s differs from most of the large chemist chain store style of pharmacies in that the focus at Emslie’s pharmacy is on providing the very best in advice and health care services to their customers.

The highly trained team at Emslie’s include several pharmacists who are accredited Compounding Pharmacists.

Compounding Pharmacists are qualified to prepare medications in an alternate form to make the taking of a patient’s medication easier and safer for those with particular circumstances which require their medicines to be altered.

Emslie’s Perth Pharmacy For Compounded Medicines

Most of us know that some medicines may have a bitter taste or that some capsules can be hard to swallow and this can be a very real problem for children who may gag or become distressed when attempting to swallow their medication.

Parents can find it difficult to encourage their child to take their dosage as required which may then lead to upsets in the family and the child not getting the intended benefit from the medication.

This problem does not concern only children – many elderly people have the same problem and therefore their health is in jeopardy when their medicines are not taken as directed by their doctor.

Often some tablets are bigger than the required dose, which can result in the tablets being cut by the patient. It is not uncommon for the tablets to crumble and therefore the correct dose is not taken.

This problem is easily addressed by customised medications prepared by accredited compounding pharmacists as directed by the patient’s doctor.

Emslie’s Pharmacy can prepare your medications in a form that is perfect for your needs.

You may need to have your medication custom prepared to make it easier to take or flavour added to it to make it more palatable.

We can also prepare the medication using several unique delivery systems, such as:

Individual Care