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For those of us who are familiar with the friendliness of Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy WA, we know how special it is these days to be recognised and made welcome when we walk in the door. The old fashioned warmth and care is all part of the service provided by the well known and respected establishment.

Mother and daughter, Margaret Artelaris and Taryn Boyatzis, have owned Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy in WA since 1999. Together they benefit their customers with expertise in many areas of patient care.

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Drug Compounding

One of the most beneficial things about the outstanding service provided by the well trained and very experienced staff at Emslie’s is the compounding of drug medications.

This is not available at all pharmacies and it certainly is a very important service. For patients who are unable to take their prescribed medications in the regular way, having their medicine made to the exact dose required or in a form that is easier for them to take is a very welcome service.

Often in the case of the elderly, they find it necessary to cut their regular tablets to get the right dosage. However this is often messy with an incorrect dose result and wasted product.

In the case of small children who also may struggle with swallowing a tablet, their medications can be made in a pleasant tasting syrup.

It is not just a matter of better tasting or being easier to take medicine, there are many patients that have allergies to particular components in a prescribed drug medication.

This is an excellent example of why we need to have compounding services in pharmacies.

Patients in WA can have their prescribed drug medications tailor made to suit their individual needs.

Our Compounding Pharmacists provide quality prescription compounded medications for our patients that are in need of custom made medications. Your local compounding pharmacists also provide patients with associated drug compounding, health products and advice.

Our compounding pharmacists can make almost all prescription drug compounded medications in any strength or form.

Please contact us with any health queries about drug compounding pharmacies, drug compounding pharmacists, drug compounded medications and any compounded drug product.

Example list of our compounded drug medications & compounding items:

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