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Find Your Local Compounding Chemist At Emslie’s Pharmacy Perth

Here at Emslie’s Pharmacy Perth, our highly trained chemists and knowledgeable staff are able to assist you by offering many more health services than you would expect to find in a regular pharmacy in your area. One of those services is the old fashioned art and science of compounded medications.

Compounded medications are an option available to those who have difficulty with regular mass produced medicine.

Generally, a compounding pharmacist will work with your GP to provide custom made compounded medicines, that are tailored to the exact needs of patients especially children, the elderly and those people who suffer with allergies.

Sadly the art of compounding medications is not common among pharmacists today as there is significant extra training required to gain the recognised accreditation to provide this specialised service, however here at Emslie’s Pharmacy we do have fully trained compounding pharmacists.
You can actually see them working in the lab as you enter the pharmacy.

Compounding Chemists At Emslie’s Pharmacy Perth

Mother and daughter, Margaret Artelaris and Taryn Boyatzis, have owned Emslie’s Pharmacy in Perth, WA since 1999, providing genuine care and compassion for their customers in the community with the benefit of their expertise in many areas of pharmacy health services.

The team at Emslie’s are always ready to assist the local community with various health care services, general health care advice and the often hard to find compounded medications.

There are many practical benefits from taking compounded medication instead of regular medicine including:
• Most medications these days are mass produced by large pharmaceutical companies and sold in certain dosages and formats.
• Emslie’s compounding pharmacists can prepare your quality medications, customised to your specific health needs and omitting certain ingredients that may have an adverse affect on your health because of an allergy to a specific ingredient in the prescribed medicine.
• Some tablets are too big for children and the elderly to swallow, but at Emslie’s we can alter the dosages of the medicine, which is also beneficial in that you do not need to break up a tablet which often results in wasted crumbling.
• We, as a compounding pharmacy, can change the delivery system of your medication, so if the medicines taste awful or tablets are too hard to swallow, we can prepare them in a much easier and pleasant tasting forma – for example syrup or lozenges instead of tablets.

If you wish to find out more about Emslie’s compounded medication, health services and better health products including queries relating to your medication, call into the Emslie’s Pharmacy in Perth, where our well-qualified staff are always available to assist.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very happy and safe holiday season.

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