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Emslies Floreat Pharmacy

Why Is This Floreat Pharmacy So Special?

Emslies Pharmacy in Floreat, Perth is not your regular everyday chemist shop.

The chemists’ shop in Floreat first opened its doors in the early 1950s with Richard Emslie and his son Alan. Richard Emslie was a significant figure in the local pharmaceutical field. He understood how important it was to show genuine compassion and individual care to each of his customers.

Margaret Artelaris, who had been employed by Alan, became a partner in the business with Alan in 1999. In 2004, Alan retired, and so Margaret’s daughter, Taryn, also a qualified pharmacist, joined the partnership.

Today, that legacy is continued in Floreat and beyond, through every member of the team and for the well-being of all customers.

Between them, Margaret and Taryn bring expertise in many areas of pharmacy service for the benefit of their customers in the community. One area of expertise that sets them apart from other chemists and pharmacists is that they are able to provide compounded medications to their customers.

What Is Compounded Medication?

Pharmacy compounding is the art and science of preparing personalised medicine for patients. “With the doctors consent, we can change the strength of a medication, alter it to make it easier to take or add flavour to it to make it taste better.”
This compounding of the medication is a very welcome service. Many patients need these specialised medicines. “Here at our Floreat Pharmacy in Perth, WA, our pharmacist can also prepare compounded medications using several unique delivery systems.”

Who Needs Compounded Medicine?

When you find that you have trouble swallowing regular size tablets, or you find that you only need a dose that requires half a tablet, then compounded medicine is the answer. Often people will avoid taking tablets if they are too hard to swallow. When tablets are cut, there is often a lot of waste due to the crumbling of the tablet and therefore the risk that the dose is not accurate, as well as the waste of money spent paying for tablets that are wasted.

By having your medication compounded and custom made to your exact needs, you can be well served for your better well being and your purse.

Compounding Products

We can prepare the medicine using several unique delivery systems:

  1. 1.Sublingual troche
  2. Lozenge
  3. Sprays
  4. Transdermal gel
  5. Syrup

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For more information on Compounded medications we offer here at our Floreat Pharmacy, you can contact us today.

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