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Good Old Fashioned Service At Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy in Perth

Emslie’s Pharmacy Perth

At our compounding pharmacy, we provide old fashioned, family health care services and better health products tailored to our customer’s requirements. We always have a friendly smile for our customers and we are happy to give you better health care advice and services for any of your family’s health care needs.

We are also different to other pharmacies, in that you don’t just have to purchase over the counter medications, because we are a compounding pharmacy as well. This means that at our Perth pharmacy, our pharmacist can tailor your family’s medications (dosages, delivery methods and taste) specifically for you and your family, rather than leaving you to struggle with the problems of mass produced medications.

This type of old fashioned service, where the chemist actually makes your medications, is not widely available in WA, because the pharmacist needs a lot of extra training and an on-site laboratory.

Here are 4 ways that our compounding services can be of benefit to your family.

We Can Change Your Medicine Dosage

Many people, especially the young and elderly, need smaller tablet dosages than are currently available over the counter. This means that you have to break the tablets into halves or even quarters, to achieve the correct dosage.

Usually, you end up with a few crumbs and have to throw them out, leaving you with the problem of wasted tablets and not being sure that you have the right dose at the end. At Emslie’s Perth pharmacy we can create the exact dosage you need in your tablets, so there is no more wastage and no more worry about incorrect dosages.

We Can Change The Taste Of Your Medications

Children and the elderly sometimes have problems taking their medications, because to be honest, they don’t taste very nice. This is where our compounding chemist provides services that can make such a big difference, because we can change the taste of the medications, making them taste of strawberries, chocolate or even bubble gum. You can imagine how much easier it will be to give your children their medications if they taste like chocolate!

We Can Change The Delivery Method Of Your Medications

Sometimes, children and the elderly have problems swallowing tablets, but usually you can’t find the same medication in any other form.  At Emslie’s Perth pharmacy, we can create your medicinal products in a number of different formats, such as liquids, patches or even gummy bears. This makes medication time so much easier for everyone.

We Can Omit Fillers And Allergens

If your children have particular allergies or you prefer that your medications are free from specific fillers, then we can create your medications omitting these ingredients. All you need is a prescription from your doctor and we can customise your medications for your family.

For more information, call Emslie’s Floreat Compounding Pharmacy in Perth on 08 9387 1803, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.

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