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What Is A Home Medication Review?

Emslie’s Pharmacy Home Medication Reviews

In Perth there is a chemist that is very different to the others. Emslie’s Chemist in Perth, Western Australia offers free advice on better health care in the home as well as the art of custom compounding medicines and why they are so popular.

Their compounding medication service has been benefiting the local community for many years. Compounding medicines in Australia means that the pharmacist is fully trained and qualified to prepare your medication in Australia in a way that is more palatable and easier to manage than regular medicines.

We also have a family friendly health care service with free health care advice given to customers and patients who come in off the street not quite sure of what medication it is they need.  Often patients come in and do not realise that the medicines they have at home may cause a bad reaction and even make them ill when taken with other medicines. The home medicines review service is a great way to help those patients who are confused about the home medicines they are already taking.

The compounded medication products and services, the medication management services and home medicines review services (HMR) make Emslie’s pharmacy in Perth, Western Australia, stand out from many regular pharmacies.

All in all, Emslie’s Pharmacy in Perth, Western Australia has the true essence of the old fashioned family health care service, with advice on home medicines and patient care. The home medication review pharmacist at Emslie’s will be happy to fully recommend that their customers and patients have a home medicines review (HMR), especially the elderly and those who may suffer disabilities.

The Perth Chemist and pharmacist also provides many family health care services and advice on home medicines and home medication management, including Home Medication Reviews (HMR).

Why Do You Need Home Medications Review

Medication management and Home Medicines Review in Perth is a very important better health care service as many people in Australia have various medicines in their bathroom cabinets. A lot of these medicines are often out dated and need to be disposed of immediately and in a suitable manner.

Another extremely important factor why the home medicines review services are very beneficial is that if medications are not used properly or if the wrong ones are used together, the results can be extremely serious, especially in the elderly.

How Does The Home Medication Reviews Work?

  1. First of all you need to get a HMR referral from your GP to the home medication review pharmacist.
  2. Your pharmacist will conduct an HMR interview with you.
  3. Your pharmacist will then write a report and send the HMR report back to your doctor.
  4. The GP then discusses any recommendations with you which may include changing how you take your medications.

HMR Outcomes

After you have had your interview with home medication review chemist and a report has been sent back to your GP. On returning to see your GP, there may be necessary changes made to your routine on how to take your home medicines each day.

Your GP will show you the correct way to take your home medications and explain why and when to take them.

You will be advised on how to store them correctly and also what to expect from the medicines.

You will be advised on what problems need to be reported to your GP.

If you are taking over the counter medicines or even supplements, it is very important to understand which ones can and can not be used together. Just because something is purchased over the counter does not mean that is fine to take without consideration of other medicines you are taking.

Who Needs The Home Medication Medicines Review?

HMRs are not expensive and are highly recommended for:

HMR Costs

The costs involved in getting a Home Medication Review are minimal. The Australian Government pays for the pharmacist’s review and report.

The GP may charge you for the consultations or your GP may bulk bill you for the consultations.

Individual Care