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The Increasing Popularity Of A Compounding Pharmacy In Perth

Old Fashioned Service at The Compounding Pharmacy Perth

If you ask your grandparents or even your parents, they are sure to remember going to a compounding pharmacy in Perth. These type of pharmacies were all that existed years ago, because they were the only place you could purchase quality health products and medicine.

You might not have realised it, but a compounding pharmacy not only sold you your family’s medicine, but they actually created your medicine on the spot for you, because there were no other suppliers.

It wasn’t until the rise of the large multi-national pharmaceutical drug companies, who now manufacture mass produced drugs and medicine, that you could purchase medications anywhere else. The tide is turning however, because today, people are demanding more individualised medicine, free from allergens and fillers with options on the delivery method and dosages as well.

The Benefits For Your Family

The art of compounding is not widely available, especially in Perth, because many local pharmacies were overtaken by the large drug companies selling mass produced medications. Secondly, it takes a lot of training to become a compounding pharmacist, so finding a pharmacy  in Perth where you can get compounded medicine involves a little piece of research!

This type of pharmacy is becoming more popular once again because parents find that the over the counter medicine are, in many cases, not suitable for their children. Not to put too fine a point on it but many mass produced medicines can contain fillers, products and other allergens, which can cause problems in susceptible children.

The other problem with mass produced medicine is that they are only available in specific delivery systems. So if your child has a problem swallowing tablets at home, when you only have access to over the counter health products you have no choice but to crush the tablets, mix them in jam or something similar and hope that your child swallows most of it.

On the other hand, a compounding Perth pharmacy can give you the exact same quality medicine compounded  in a liquid format, that tastes of strawberries or bubble gum for example, making it much easier and nicer for your children to take their medicine.

We can also give you the exact dosage you need, so for example, if you normally have to break a tablet in half, we can give you tablets that are the correct dosage. As you can see, a compounding pharmacy can save you a lot of grief when you are trying to encourage your children to take their medications and save you money on wasted medicine as well.

So next time your doctor gives you a prescription for your children, take it to a compounding  pharmacy instead and then we can tailor your children’s medications for you.

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