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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Chafing

When the temperature rises and the humidity creeps back up, you may be getting red in more than just your face. The combination of sweat, heat and friction in the warmer months can lead to what is commonly known as chafing.

Chafing is a very common skin problem caused by friction, moisture, or both. It can occur anywhere on the skin but commonly occurs on upper thighs, groin, armpits and buttocks. Chafing not only makes your skin burn but in severe cases can cause swelling and bleeding.

You can develop chafing from just walking or even going about your daily routine (even the use of breast pumps by a new mother may cause chafing – quality breast pumps are highly recommended!) but it’s more common with activities such as running, cycling and other sports.

Here at your family friendly local pharmacy, Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy, we know that some people are embarrassed by chafing, but there’s no need to suffer in silence as there are actions that you can take to prevent chafing and treat it if it does occur.

Choose Anti-Chafing Fabrics

Sweat is the main cause of chafing. So, chafing can be prevented by wearing sweat-wicking fabrics like synthetic fabrics that draw moisture away from the skin. Anti-chafing fabrics keeps skin free of sweat especially when you are doing hard work.

Wear Protective Layers

Wearing a protective under garment can help you in keeping chafing away. Good quality protective garments under your clothing helps keep chafing under control.

Use Fragrance Free or Sensitive Body-Wash/Moisturiser

Most of the skin is sensitive and so even a slight irritation can cause chafing. Keeping  away from fragrances and other harsh ingredients or switching to a fragrance-free or sensitive body wash and moisturiser will help.

Try Using Anti-Perspirant or Anti-Chafe Products

Anti-perspirant products can be effective in preventing chafing. If you already have chafing, you may wish to choose a sensitive formula to reduce the likelihood of further irritation.

A Possible Solution for You

Neat 3B Action Sweat Rash & Chafing Cream is a unique product used as a preventative & treatment for sweat rash & chafing. This product can be used as an all over the body antiperspirant due to its unique formulation, and the active ingredient has proven antifungal properties.

The emollient base works as a lubricant which helps reduce the friction on the skin and thereby help in the prevention of sweat rash and chafing.

3B Action Cream can also be applied as a treatment to an affected area once a rash has developed. Apply this product in the areas most prone to sweat rash & chafing, which are:


Come and see us in our Pharmacy to know more about healthy skin or other services we offer. To have a chat about Neat 3B and other anti-chafing products contact us today!

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