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Let’s Talk About Wound Care

Here at Emslies Floreat Pharmacy, we pride ourselves on being a key health provider in our local community. One area of expertise we have in the Emslies Floreat Pharmacy is wound care.

Did you know your body heals a wound in stages?1 These include:

  • preventing too much blood loss
  • defending and cleaning the area
  • repairing and healing


Keeping the wound clean and covered can help your body repair the area. Wound healing is a four step, complex biological process consisting of hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling. There are many cell types which are involved in the process of healing.

Wound Care

Barriers to your Wound Healing

Here are some factors to consider that may be slowing down the wound healing process:2

  • Infection – an open wound may develop an infection. A wound infection is a stage when germs like bacteria start growing inside a wound. An open wound slows down the healing process as the body start fighting infection rather than healing the wound.
  • Diet – poor food choices may deprive the body of the nutrients needed to heal the wound, such as vitamin C, Zinc and protein.
  • Medicines – certain medicines or medical treatments used in the management of some medical conditions may interfere with the body’s healing process.

Wound Care Tips

What can I do at Home?

To ensure that any skin injuries such as cuts, grazes minor burns or skin tears are given the best chance of healing, we recommend including wound management practices to your skincare routine. Here are some suggestions:2


Smith and Nephew’s OPSITE Post-Op is a waterproof dressing suitable for cuts and grazes, which can stay in place for up to 7 days.
This means fewer dressing changes are needed and allows for uninterrupted healing. Even better is its low allergy adhesive helps to minimise the risk of skin irritation.

How can my Pharmacist at Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy help?

Our friendly team at the Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy, are trained in cleaning and assessing your wounds and can also help you navigate which treatments or dressings are most appropriate for you and your skin.
Don’t suffer in silence, talk to Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy about any wound you may be having at anytime! We are here to help!

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2. Chronic wound management (2000), ‘Chronic wound management’, in Australian Prescriber, vol. 23, no. 1. Accessed April 2022.

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