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Your Local Independent Pharmacy Perth

These days many of the independent chemist shops are closing down, due to the spread of the big commercial supermarket chains. You see this a lot in shopping centres, where supermarkets can sell many items normally available in pharmacies.

Four Benefits From Your Local Pharmacy Services

There are four main benefits of using a local pharmacy, rather than other options, including buying your medications online.

1. A local Perth Pharmacy offers a friendly health service

With your local pharmacy in Perth, you always receive friendly services with a smile. We are always happy to see you come walking into our pharmacy and we always try and make the time for a chat. It really makes our day when we can follow your family and watch them grow. A family friendly health service is good for our community and is sadly lacking in most large supermarket chains and of course, is non-existent in online stores.

2. A local Perth Pharmacy offers advice and answers to your questions

As qualified pharmacists, we are able to answer any of your questions concerning your medications. Your medication might cause problems with your allergies when they are taken together.

We understand which medications are better for children and for the elderly. We will give you expert, qualified advice not available to you in chain stores.

3. A local Perth Pharmacy like ours can offer more choices

You might be surprised at the extensive range of medications held in your local pharmacy.

We not only have all of the popular medications, we also are able to compound medications to custom make them specifically for you.

This compounding service is not available in all pharmacies.

4.Our local Perth Pharmacy is more convenient

When you just want to pop into your doctor’s surgery and then into the local pharmacy to pick up your prescription, it is so much easier then going to the big super pharmacies, waiting in the queue and then feeling uncomfortable asking a stranger how to use the medicine. This is why our local pharmacy is recognised as part of the community, because we are always available and very convenient.

So the next time you want a prescription filled, pop into your local pharmacy and keep the friendly spirit alive in your neighbourhood.

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