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Need Help With The Common Cold? Come To See Us At Emslie’s Pharmacy In Perth

It’s cold outside and people all over Perth are getting sick! Maybe you have been lucky enough to avoid it so far, however, if you find yourself getting a cold, come to visit us at Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy for some friendly health advice.  While there is nothing that you can do to cure a cold, we know how to make you feel better.  The team at our Pharmacy have been helping Perth people with their colds every winter for many years and are passionate about providing personalised health service that keeps our customers coming back for more!

What is the common cold?

Many people talk about colds and flu’s as if they are the same thing, however, while they may have similar symptoms, colds and flu’s are not the same at all.  Colds and flu’s are both viral respiratory viruses, but they are caused by different viruses.  Colds are very common, with the average person getting 2-3 colds per year.  While neither colds or flu’s are pleasant, the flu can be much more severe and longer lasting than a cold. Emslies Floreat Pharmacy offer flu vaccine in Perth.

Symptoms of a cold

Cold symptoms usually only last about a week and you are usually contagious for the first three days of experiencing symptoms. The most common symptoms of a cold include:

Treatment for a cold

Antibiotics don’t work against colds because they target bacteria, not viruses. The best treatment for a cold is to stay at home and get some rest. Drink plenty of fluids, stay warm and catch up on some Netflix at home!  There are over the counter medicines that you can take to help relieve some of your symptoms.  While they won’t cure your symptoms, they will make you feel a bit better. Speak to our friendly team at Emslie’s Pharmacy to find out what medication would be best for you.  Our Pharmacists at Emslie’s Pharmacy are always happy to provide health advice.  It is always important to seek advice from your Pharmacist before you take any over the counter medicines.

When to see a doctor

There are certain circumstances when you need to seek advice from your doctor.  If you are unsure if you need to see a doctor, come in to see us at Emslie’s Pharmacy and we can advise you on what action to take.  If you experience any of the following, it is best to seek medical advice.

Our friendly team at Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy care about the health of you and your family and want to help you get through this cold season. Whether you have a cold or would like advice on how to avoid a cold, come in and have a chat with one of our Pharmacists.

Contact us at Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy on ph 08 9387 1803 or pop in and say hello!

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