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Out Of Date Medication Advice From The Friendly Team at Emslie’s Perth Pharmacy

For those people who are considering taking a medication which is out of date, it is really important to call in to Emslie’s Perth pharmacy and have a chat with one of their friendly staff about the potential consequences.

This is a common question, with many people believing that it is ok to do so.

The fact is that to comply with the law, all medications must be labeled with an expiry date.

This is the date after which they are not expected to be as effective as needed.

Medicines can lose their effectiveness over time due to effects from heat, light or oxygen.

Changes to the chemical ingredients as a result of exposure to heat, light or oxygen, can cause medications to become less active and in some cases, potentially dangerous to a person’s health.

It is important to speak to one of the highly trained pharmacists at Emslie’s Pharmacy before you take any outdated medicines, whether the container has been opened or not.

If you have been taking expired medication, talk to your local pharmacist or your doctor as soon as possible for the correct advice.

Safe Disposal Of Unwanted Medications

If you have any out of date or unused medicines in your home, do not throw them into the rubbish bin or flush them down the toilet, as this is harmful to our environment.

All you need to do is take the unwanted medicines to Emslie’s pharmacy in Flroeat in Perth for safe and responsible disposal.

Careful Storage Of Medicine At Home

All medicines have the potential to be dangerous regardless of whether they are purchased over-the-counter or obtained by prescription, and therefore need to be stored correctly, and well away from where children, or pets, can reach them.

How Medications Become Potentially Dangerous

Medications have the potential to become very harmful if not stored in a safe and responsible manner as highlighted in the following examples:

If you have any questions at all about over the prescribed or compound medications, please contact the friendly staff at Emslie’s Pharmacy in Perth, they will be very happy to assist you.

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