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Emslies Floreat Pharmacy

Why Do People Prefer This Floreat Pharmacy?

Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy offers a range of services to the local community including:

1.Diabetes Care

2.Medication Packs



5.Home Medicine Reviews


Diabetes Care At Floreat Pharmacy

As a Diabetes Australia NDSS sub-agent, Floreat Pharmacy provide the highest level of diabetes care to their customers.

 Diabetes is a medical condition where the body has a lack of insulin or no insulin action within the body. Where there is no action of insulin in the body, then diabetes is known as type 1, and where there is reduced insulin or insulin resistance, this is known as type 2.

If you are not sure whether you may have Diabetes or not, please see your doctor.


Medication Packs


 Anyone taking multiple medications regularly could benefit from a Webster-pak®.

These are ideal for the elderly or those people with several daily medicines to take, many of whom have difficulty remembering which tablets to take and when.




MedAdvisor is an amazing new tool in the form of software that puts a virtual pharmacist in your pocket or on your PC. MedAdvisor and Pharmacist Phil connect with Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy to ensure you take medication safely, effectively and on-time. This service is free.




This service is funded by the Australian Government and is provided free to those who need it. It is one-on-one time with your pharmacist, in the pharmacy to discuss all your medicines with you to make sure you are getting the most benefit out of your medicines.


Home Medicines Review At Floreat Pharmacy


A Home Medicines Review is a particular service that involves your GP and an accredited pharmacist of your choice.


The review is set up by your GP by giving you a written referral to your pharmacist.

Your pharmacist conducts an interview with you in your own home. After the interview, your pharmacist will then write a report back to your GP.


Your GP will discuss any recommendations with you and may make some necessary changes to the way you are taking your medication including:

1.Showing you the correct way to take your medicines.

2.Explaining the correct storage for your medicine.

3.What to expect when taking your medicine.

4.What type of problems you need to report to your doctor.

5.Ensuring that any over the counter medicines are safe to take with your prescription drugs.

6.Discussing generic medicines and clarifying any confusion you may have.

7.Changing your medication if necessary.


If you want to chat about any of the services provided by this Floreat Pharmacy, please pop in to their local pharmacy or contact them on 08 9387 1803


Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy is located at 445 Cambridge Street , Floreat WA 6014

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