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Compounding Pharmacy in Perth Needs Expert Training

The Perth compounding pharmacy is able to offer you many more health services than a regular pharmacy in your area. In general, a compounding pharmacist works alongside your doctor to give you custom made compounded medicines, rather than mass produced medication.

Many people need medicines that are tailored to their exact better health management needs, for example children, the elderly and people who suffer from allergies. The problem is that if you are searching for a Perth compounding pharmacy, you might have trouble finding one near your home.

This is because they are few and far between. Compounding pharmacists need to undertake a lot of additional training to become a compounding pharmacist and they need to keep their expertise updated regularly as well. They also need the onsite laboratory facilities which most pharmacies generally don’t have.

What Type Of Training Does A Compounding Perth Pharmacy Need?

When a pharmacist wants to train to become a compounding pharmacist in Perth or anywhere in Australia, they need to take all of their existing better health management knowledge about pharmacy drugs and better health products, then extend that knowledge.

A Perth compounding pharmacist needs to understand all of the different dosage forms for all the different medicines and the relationships between the physical and chemical aspects of compounding. They also need to know all of the techniques for preparing individual pharmacy prescriptions, as well as all of the Australian Pharmacy regulations governing compounding.

The pharmacy compounding training is very intense and extensive, because a Perth compounding pharmacist has to recreate your medicinal products, but still make sure that the compounded medicine works as needed. So pharmacy compounding training involves lots of study, as well as laboratory work to enable them to become expert specialists in the field of quality compounded medications.

Why Is Compounding Medications Important?

The problem is that since most of our medications are mass produced by large pharmaceutical companies, most medications are only sold in certain dosages and formats and they can take any drug off the market at any time.

Your Perth compounding pharmacist however, can prepare your quality medications, customised to your specific health needs whilst omitting certain ingredients that may not suit you; they can also change the dosages and the delivery systems.

So if you are allergic to a specific ingredient for example, what can you do? Or maybe you need a different dose of tablet that you can’t buy over the counter, so you have to break up the tablets instead?

Don’t forget that some tablets are too big for children and the elderly to swallow or the medicines taste awful – so how can you encourage children and the elderly to take their medication? What if your normal medication is no longer available and the only one now sold doesn’t work as well as your old medication? 

A Perth compounding pharmacist can solve all of these problems for you – so for more information call Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy on 08 9387 1803, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.

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