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Perth Compounding Pharmacy Safety Standards

At Emslie’s compounding pharmacy in Perth, we are aware that some customers are concerned about the safety of medications that are made on-site at the compounding pharmacy. As you already know, compounded medications are important for the young, elderly and those who suffer from allergies, because they can be specifically tailored to their better health needs.

So whilst a Perth compounding Pharmacy is important to your family’s health, you need to be sure that these medications are being produced with utmost safety. To this end, there are a variety of safety measures in place within Australia to achieve this outcome, all of which Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy adhere to.

Professional qualifications: First of all, a pharmacist has to obtain a degree in Pharmacy from a university, but this doesn’t give them the right to compound medications. For a pharmacist to be fully qualified in pharmacy compounding, they must take on further training provided by the PCCA in Australia.

The PCCA conducts education programs for the ACPE (Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education) and the APC (Australian Pharmacy Council) in a range of topics related to pharmacy compounding and compounded medications. They also offer the Comprehensive Compounding Course (C3) and Aseptic Technique Compounding Course, which are hands-on training courses covering the latest innovations in compounding client specific dosages.

All pharmacists who wish to compound medications must comply with the USP 795 and 797 standards, which were set up by the US Pharmacopeial Convention (USP), a scientific non-profit organisation in the US. These standards are enforceable in the US and 140 other countries, including Australia.

At our Perth compounding pharmacy, we are fully qualified in compounding medications and adhere to all standards, and we continually update our knowledge and skills at least annually.

Pharmacy Board of Australia (PBA): This is a regulatory body in Australia that regulates and registers all pharmacists. Every pharmacist must be registered in Australia to work as a pharmacist and to keep their registration they must perform a certain number of hours of professional development every year.

The PBA also sets out codes, guidelines and policies for practicing pharmacists and specifically, for compounding pharmacists. These include guidelines for their qualifications and the requirements of their continuing education. If a compounding pharmacist does not comply with any of these codes or guidelines, they can be struck off the register and be unable to practice again.

In addition, the PBA performs spot audits on compounding pharmacists, digging deeper into such areas as any undisclosed criminal history, the quality of their continuing education, evidence of their current practice as a pharmacist and making sure that they hold the appropriate indemnity insurances.

As you can see, whilst all pharmacists are held to high standards, compounding pharmacists are held to even higher standards. So your family is perfectly safe at Emslie’s Compounding Pharmacy in Perth.

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