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Pharmacy Compounding In Perth

If you are lucky enough to have access to a compounding pharmacy in Perth, then you also have access to personalised medicines.  At a pharmacy that provides a compounding service , there is  a compounding pharmacist who is able to mix together individual ingredients to create a medication that is specific to your health needs, based on a prescription from your Perth doctor or specialist. Compounding medicines is a specialised art and only a few fully trained pharmacists are able to perform this service at a specific compounding pharmacy.

Only fully trained pharmacists who have undergone specific training in the art of quality compounding can perform this highly specialised pharmacy service, so finding a compounding pharmacy in Perth can be like looking for hen’s teeth!

Why don’t all pharmacies offer compounded medications?

Well, they used to do that before the changeover to mass produced medication. If you remember back, it was well into the 1950’s and even into the 1960’s when people were still able to go to their local pharmacy and have their pain management medicine and other medicinal products compounded.

In fact, most of the over the counter medication was only ever made in the pharmacy, as there were no other options. Since that time, we have seen the rise of large international drug companies who mass produce drugs and other health products, so pharmacies began to simply sell these instead of compounding their own medicines in Perth.

The problem was that as more drugs were mass produced, the art and skill of compounding medication was pushed more and more into the background. Hospital pharmacists still needed to compound medications however, but local pharmacists tended to move away from this aspect of their pharmacy work.

Today, you find that most pharmacies don’t offer compounding, because to offer this service a qualified pharmacist needs to take on further training and be certified as a compounding pharmacist,  and of course they need valuable space in the pharmacy dedicated to their compounding laboratory.

What are the benefits today of using a compounding pharmacy in Perth?

The major benefit of going to a pharmacy that provides compounded medicines is that you can have your medications made specifically to suit your health needs. This problem arises because mass produced drugs have specific ingredients, come in specific doses and in specific forms.

So for example, many people need to break their tablets at home ,  into two or four pieces because they need a smaller dose than is mass produced. Other people have problems taking capsules (especially children and the elderly) and others might be allergic to one of the ingredients in their medications.

If all you have to rely on is mass produced drugs, then you have no other choice but to make do, but with a compounding pharmacy in Perth, you do have options. You can have your medication made in the correct dosage for you, in a liquid rather than a capsule form and without the ingredient which causes you health problems.

So if you feel that you can benefit from a compounding pharmacy in Perth, talk to your doctor or contact us on 08 9387 1803, email us at or contact us by completing our online enquiry form.

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