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Pharmacy Perth Will Compound Your Medicines For You

For expert knowledge in compounded medications, health products and pharmacy services, At Emslie’s Pharmacy Perth, Margaret and Taryn along with their well-qualified staff are always available to assist their customers.

Compounding Medications At Pharmacy Perth

Pharmacy compounding is the art and science of preparing customised medications for patients. With the doctors consent the chemists at Emslie, Pharmacy can change the strength of a medication, alter the form to make it easier to take or add flavour to it to make it more palatable.

The chemists at Emslie’s Pharmacy Perth can also prepare the medication using several unique delivery systems, such as a sublingual troche or lozenge, sprays or a transdermal gel.

Compounded medicines are so helpful when it comes to encouraging our small children to take their medicine with little fuss. No longer to they have to try and swallow tablets that seem to get stuck at the back of their throats, and no more of that horrid tasting liquid that needs to be followed by a dob of honey to get rid of the bitter after taste.

The specially trained chemists at Emslie’s Pharmacy Perth are very experienced in compounding drugs for all their customers, both young and old.

Emelie’s chemist compounded medications are suitable for patients who don’t respond to traditional methods of treatments. These patients need their medicines tailored to suit their specific needs. This is especially important with the treatment Hormone Imbalance, Sleep Disorders and ADHD.

There are many reasons that some people cannot take regular medications, they may be allergic to some of the ingredients in a formulation, they may find tablets difficult to swallow and sometimes they need an easier way to have their medicine delivered.

Examples Of Compounded Medications

Some of the items our compounding chemists prepare are listed below. This is just an example to show you that our compounding pharmacists can make almost any prescription medicine you need in any strength.

Dexamphetamine Slow Release Capsules
Vitamin and Mineral Capsules
Minoxidil Solution
Triiodothronine (T3) Capsules
Tacrolimus Cream
Levothyroxine (T4) Cream
Lignocaine Acyclovir Gel
Thyroid Extract (porcine) Capsules
Ketoprofen in Lipoderm
Gabapentin, Oestriol, Amitriptyline Cream
Capsaicin Cream
Hydroquinine and Retinoic Acid Cream
Biest HRT (Oestradiol, Oestriol) Capsules, Cream, Gel, Troche
Triest HRT (Oestrone, Oestradiol, Oestriol) Capsules, Cream, Gel, Troche
Oestradiol Capsules, Cream, Gel, Troche
Oestriol Capsules, Cream, Gel, Troche
Progesterone Capsules, Cream, Gel, Troche, Pessaries
Testosterone Capsules, Cream, Gel, Troche
DHEA Capsules, Cream, Gel, Troche
Pregnenolone Capsules, Cream, Gel, Troche
Boric Acid Pessaries
Omeprazole Suspension
Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, Retinoic Acid Cream
For more information on compounded medications or any of the other services provided by Emslie’s pharmacy Perth, please see below for contact details.

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