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Emslies Floreat Pharmacy

Why We Prefer Our Local Floreat Pharmacy

Many small independent pharmacies are closing down as they are pushed out by the large commercial supermarket chains. It is especially noticeable in shopping centres because supermarkets can sell many of the items normally available in Perth pharmacies. However, you can only purchase prescription drugs and medications from proper pharmacies. Plus there are some other benefits for you in using your local chemist in Perth.

Local Perth Pharmacy Offers Friendly Service

At Emslie’s in WA, you can expect friendly service with a smile. We are always happy to see you come in and we try and make the time for a chat. We are genuinely interested in the well-being of you and your family. We are proud to offer a family friendly service that is good for our community.

As qualified pharmacists, we are also able to answer your questions concerning your medicines. We understand that if medications clash when taken together they might cause problems for you. We understand how medicines can affect any allergies you may have. We know which particular medications are better for children and for the elderly, and we can give you expert, qualified advice not available to you in chain supermarket-style stores.

When it comes to the health of you and your family, you need to have the correct information from the experts in the field.

More Choices In WA

Your local pharmacy holds a large range of medications. Apart from all the regular medications, we also provide compounded medications. Compounding is the art and science of preparing customised medications for patients. With the doctors consent we can change the strength of medicines, altering its form to make it easier to take or add flavour to it to make it more palatable.

We can also prepare the compounded medicine using several unique delivery systems, such as a sublingual troche or lozenge, sprays or a transdermal gel. For those patients who are having a difficult time swallowing a capsule, we can make a syrup instead.

Local Convenience In WA

Local pharmacies are seen as part of the community, because we are always available and very convenient. We recognise you and your family and understand how a friendly, familiar face is a welcome sight when you are needing advice about your medications.

Medication Packs

Many people have several medications they need to take at various times throughout the day. This can become very confusing. For a safe, easy and convenient solution, Webster-pak®.are the answer. Anyone taking multiple medications on a regular basis could benefit from a Webster-pak®.

Webster-pak® is a safe and simple medicine pack. It sets out all the tablets and capsules that need to be taken at each particular time of the day, for each day of the week. The pharmacist takes the doctor’s prescriptions and dispenses the medicine into a blister pack. This pack is securely sealed so the medication is protected and there is no chance of spilling or mixing things up.

This is the perfect solution to the confusion associated with having to take multiple medications regularly.

The patient simply pushes out the contents of the blister through the foil backing for the correct time on the correct day. If you want more information about the Webster-pak® or you are interested in compounded medications, please pop in and chat to us. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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