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Diabetes Care

Information on Diabetes Care

As a Diabetes Australia NDSS sub-agent, our pharmacy provides the highest level of diabetes care to our customers.

Diabetes is a medical condition where there is a lack of insulin or no insulin action within the patient’s body. Where there is no action of insulin, then diabetes is known as type 1, and where there is reduced insulin or insulin resistance, this is known as type 2.

Do I Have Diabetes?

People who may have diabetes would have the following symptoms, but these may NOT be conclusive, further medical examination and tests will have to be performed by your doctor for formal diagnosis. If you have the following medical symptoms then contact your doctor as early as you can, so that a formal health assessment can be carried out.

Symptoms Of Diabetes Include:

Medication Packs

Does the daily routine of organising your medications and pharmacy prescriptions take up too much of your valuable time?

Try Webster-pak® … the safe, easy and convenient solution to medication packs.

Many people face the daily routine of taking a number of pills and capsules in the right combinations, at the right time.

Not only the elderly face this health issue,  anyone taking multiple medications on a regular basis could benefit from a Webster-pak®.


What is a MedsCheck?

A MedsCheck and Diabetes MedsCheck is a pharmacy health service funded by the Australian Government and involves one-on-one time with your chemist, in the pharmacy to discuss all your medicines.

There is no cost to the consumer to receive either a MedsCheck or Diabetes MedsCheck service.

By working together, you and your chemist will ensure you are getting the most out of your medicines.

Home Medicines Review

What’s involved in a Home Medicines Review (HMR)?

An HMR involves your GP and an accredited chemist at a pharmacy of your choice.

Your GP sets up the review by writing a referral to the chemist. The chemist conducts an interview, preferably in the comfort of your own home, and then writes a report back to the GP.

The GP will discuss any recommendations with you and may make appropriate changes to your medication regimen.

The solutions may involve:

Flu Vaccination Perth

Emslies Floreat Pharmacy offer flu vaccine. We are open from 10 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Friday. No appointment required.

Medela Breast Pump Hire

Emslies Floreat Pharmacy offer medela breast pump. Please visit our pharmacy in Floreat near Wembley in Perth to hire breast pump.

Individual Care