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Ros is a Perth based pharmacist, naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist. She has worked as a community pharmacist for over 10 years and saw the need for a more integrative holistic approach to healthcare. She developed an interest in learning about the naturopathic philosophy to health and wanted to be able to support patients to reach their full health potential. So, she began her journey by studying for a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy.
From the consulting space within Emslies Floreat Pharmacy she will be working one on one with patients across a broad spectrum of conditions to help achieve their health goals, taking an integrative, evidence informed approach.

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Ros on Naturopathy

For Ros, learning about naturopathy was an “aha moment” that just clicked and made sense. Naturopath’s believe in the extraordinary powers of mother nature to heal. As a pharmacist as well, Ros sees the life-changing and life-saving effects of pharmaceuticals, but she also firmly believes they are not always the answer, or the only answer.

Ultimately, the human body has an amazing inherent ability to find balance (homeostasis) and through removing barriers and providing the building blocks this can often be gently facilitated.

Passionate about education, Ros strives to constantly be learning and staying abreast of the most recent research and evidence. Her practice is always evidence informed whilst remaining true to the core naturopathic principles. Knowledge is power and she endeavours to educate patients about their health and treatment options.

Initial Appointments

Initial appointments run from 75-90 minutes. They involve a lot of information gathering and exploration. With a focus on the presenting health concern, questions are asked around anything that may be contributing to the concern. Information is gathered to help put together a full picture of the health of the individual patient. Case taking delves into symptoms, personal and family medical history, medications, lifestyle factors, past pathology/diagnosis testing and a full dietary analysis. In-consult observational tests may be undertaken such as blood pressure, iridology, heavy metal testing, skin, nail and tongue diagnosis.
Further diagnostic testing may need to be undertaken to explore root causes. If this is the case, collaboration with a GP and referral for pathology may be required. More specialised functional testing may also be utilised such as;

Individualised treatment plans are created that may incorporate lifestyle changes, dietary changes, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, or individualised compounded formulations. Treatment plans are thoroughly explained linking each treatment to overall short and long-term health goals.

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Follow-up Appointments

Follow-up appointment run for 30-45mins. This is a chance to review the initial treatment plan, what is working/helping and to quantify and monitor improvements. Any diagnostic testing can be reviewed, and results explained guiding appropriate changes to health goals and the treatment plan.
Generally, naturopaths help with exploring and treating complex chronic conditions, this often takes time and a lot of guidance and support. Follow-up appointments allow for ongoing coaching, support, direction, and inspiration to implement changes and take the steps required to reach your full health potential.

Female Health

Ros has a passion and keen interest in woman’s health with a mission to support and empower woman to thrive and reach their full potential. Things she can help with include:


Having an interest in female reproductive health and recently becoming a mum sparked an interest in fertility and pregnancy. Ros has undergone specialised training to be able to provide a couple’s fertility program based on the teachings of one of her mentors, Tracy Gaibisso (Beyond Health).
The program concentrates on supporting the health of both the potential mother and father over a 3-4month preconception period. This is the time that the formation of sperm and follicles can be supported helping to achieve healthy conception and pregnancy outcomes.
The program includes a free 30 minute exploratory chat to establish if you feel the program is right for you. The program covers a range of factors that can contribute to fertility, conception and pregnancy outcomes. These include; infections, environmental factors, ovulation tracking, nutritional and dietary factors, toxic burden and detoxification. 

Skin Health

Having suffered with acne for a large percentage of her adult life and exploring many treatment options of pharmaceutical and natural basis, she also has a passion for supporting individuals with their skin health battles.
Acne is so multi-faceted and she believes pharmaceutical medicine does not provide great treatment options for it.
When working with skin conditions, she takes an individualised holistic approach considering diet, lifestyle, stress, the microbiome and immune system. Specifically, tailoring treatment plans that may include individualised formulations compounded within the pharmacy.


As a trained pharmacist, Ros has been trained in complex compounding and often works in a lab creating individualised prescription items for patients such as capsules, pessaries, creams, troches, and liquids. As a naturopath and pharmacist, she is able to utilise this combined knowledge and skill to further tailor treatment for each individual patient. Where there is the need, she creates formulations for patients including:

Other areas where Ros may be able to help-

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Individual Care