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The Benefits Of Compounding Drugs For The Elderly

Compounding Medications

Lets talk about your pharmacy, compounding pharmacists, compounding drugs and health products. Your local compounding pharmacy is so important these days with all the mass produced drug and health remedies on the shelves or behind the pharmacy counter. Whether it be for pain relief or any health issues, compounded drugs from a compounding pharmacy are the ideal choice. Compounding pharmacists can prepare the exact dose required . Compounding pharmacists really just custom create the compounded remedy for the patient as needed. Compounding medications obtained from your local compounding pharmacy are a perfect solution to many health problems that can occur in the older patients. These types of compounded medicines are made at the compounding pharmacy by specialist pharmacists who have undergone extensive training in the art of compounding medications. The Compounding  Pharmacists are fully trained to make alterations to common medication products or even remix them, making the compounded medicine products more suitable for elderly patients.

Some of the health problems that the elderly patients find when going into a regular pharmacy , is with over the counter products are an incorrect dose. This includes having to cut tablets so they can take the correct dose of the medicine, tablets being too big to swallow comfortably or being allergic to some of the medicine components are a common problem for some pharmacy patients. This is when compounded remedies at a compounding pharmacy are the perfect solution.

Compounding Drugs For The Right Dose

Cutting tablets for the right dose

The problem we all face, not just the elderly patients is that many of the common medications are mass produced products , so they are only available in the specific dosages. This is a problem for anyone , let alone elderly patients who need to cut a very small tablet into two or more pieces, so they can take the correct dose of the medication`.

Cutting tablets is very fiddly and in the end quite often the tablets break up into little pieces anyway, making it impossible to take the correct dose. So compounded medicine is ideal, because your elderly relative can have the correct dose in the one or more tablets without having to cut them into pieces. Visit your local compounding pharmacy for more expert advice and information on compounded medications.

Compounding Medication

Tablets are too big to swallow

Some medicine tablets are just too big to swallow comfortably, so elderly patients either don’t take their medicines at home or try to cut them up into smaller pieces. This can break the tablets into little pieces that are lost or dropped and so they frequently don’t take the correct dose.

Compounding drugs can be created by your compounding pharmacist so that the dosage is in one or more smaller tablets, which can be easily swallowed. They can be reformatted into a liquid in some cases, so the medication is even easier for the elderly patients  to swallow.

Allergies to some ingredients

When elderly people find that some of their medications ‘don’t agree with them’ or they have allergies to some of the tablets, they tend to simply not take them, instead of doing something about the problem with the products.

Compounding medications can be made so that the offending products are omitted, but the active ingredients are still present. This is an easy way to overcome the problem of missed medications due to an allergic reaction or an ‘upset stomach’ due to some of the ingredients.

So always check with your older relatives that their health medications are suitable for them and if you find that there are problems with the size or formulation of their tablets, then talk to the local compounding pharmacist about compounding medications for your health needs.

For more information on how compounding medications can be of help an older friend or relative in their daily life, call us on 08 9387 1803, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.

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