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Two Big Benefits Of Using A Perth Compounding Pharmacy For Your Family’s Medications

At our compounding pharmacy in Perth, we see many parents who require multiple, ongoing medications and health management for their children at home, which can add up to a lot of money over the course of a year.

As we all know, the costs of better health medications keeps on increasing every year, so the last problem you need would be to waste the medication you have already purchased from a pharmacy for your children. Wastage can be a big issue in many families because of two specific reasons.

Let’s look at two of the biggest causes of wastage in children’s medication.

‘The Medicine Tastes Horrible’

How many times have you heard that from your children? Without a doubt, the first problem is that children just don’t like the taste of their medication or they can’t swallow the tablets. We have all seen young children spit out their syrups on numerous occasions or refuse to take their tablets that you have crushed and added to jam.

So you throw them out and start again, but you don’t really know how much of their medication they have already taken, so now you worry about giving them too much or too little of their better health medication. At our Perth pharmacy, which specialises in compounding, we can fix these problems because with the compounding process we can make your children’s medications taste wonderful!

Just imagine bubble gum or strawberry flavoured syrups and how easy and stress free your day will become when your children willingly take their medication. The compounding process enables the qualified compounding pharmacist in our pharmacy to custom-make the medicine for each individual. With compounding, we can even change tablets into tasty syrups, which will be a huge help at medication time.

Problems Obtaining The Correct Over The Counter Dosages

The second problem is that many of the medications that children need to take are not available in their required dosages. This means that you have to cut the tablets in halves or quarters, which never happens cleanly and you end up with one good half a tablet, what might be a quarter and lots of crumbly bits. 

When this happens, once again you worry about not giving your children the correct dose of their medications. Don’t forget however, that you are also wasting some of their tablets because who knows how much of the correct dose is in the crumbly bits that you throw away? Compounding the medicine in our pharmacy will eliminate that problem.

At our pharmacy in Perth, we offer compounding as well as a full range of better health management products. Our specialist pharmacy provides quality compounded better health products for local families as well as patients who travel from the outer suburbs because they don’t have a pharmacy that provides the quality compounded medicine products we do. We can create medications for children in the exact dosage for you so you don’t have to try and break tablets into pieces anymore.  We’ll simply give them the correct number and dosage of the tablets.

As you can see, wastage can be a big problem when your children require ongoing medications, so being able to give them tasty syrups or tablets in the correct dosages will make a big difference to what you spend on ongoing medicines. This compounding art is what separates the regular super market style pharmacy from our family friendly pharmacy with specialist compounding services.

For more information, contact Emslie’s Floreat Compounding Pharmacy in Perth on 08 9387 1803, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.

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