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Understanding The Differences Between A Regular Pharmacy And Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy.

One of the main differences between a regular pharmacy and Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy is the available services on offer.

The services provided at a regular pharmacy in Perth often do not include the specialist art of being able to customise your medications for the personal health needs of you and your family.

Essentially a chemist in a regular pharmacy in Perth can substitute a different health medication if your usual medication is not available and can also substitute cheaper products (ie generic version of your medication).

In situations where the tablets your child needs to take are too big, or the syrup doesn’t taste very nice, a regular Perth pharmacy can’t do anything about those products.

This is where your chemist at Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy in Perth can provide the unique compounding services that are so important.

How Compounding Medications At Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy Can Help Your Family

The pharmacists at Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy can actually provide a specific health care service to cater for you and your family’s personal health care needs.

The compounding pharmacist will provide health care services and compounded medications as well as health care advice.

These exceptional health care services are valuable, as many patients are in need of variation to their prescribed medications for many reasons.

The services and health care advice provided by the chemist at Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy are perfect for those people needing tailor-made prescribed medications to suit their specific needs.

This is a wonderful service for families, who have children or the elderly who need regular medications, but have problems taking them at home.

Making It Easier For Children To Take Medicine

At Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy in Perth you can ask that your child’s syrup tastes like strawberries or bubble gum.

The pharmacist can even change a tablet into a syrup or even a gummy bear, making it so much easier for your child to take their medications.

Helping The Elderly With Their Medications

For the elderly, many tablets are either too big to swallow or the individual tablets are not the exact dosage they need, meaning that your elderly relative has to break the tablets into pieces (which generally crumble) and then try and pick enough pieces to make the right dosage.

More often than not, when you break a tablet like this – the dosages are uneven and your elderly relative doesn’t take the right dosage every time.

So at Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy you can have the exact dosage, every time, removing the problem altogether.

Discontinued Medications

Problems can occur when certain medications are no longer produced by the big pharmaceutical companies, usually because these drugs are no longer cost-effective for them to manufacture.

Sometimes the only available option on the market doesn’t work as well as the discontinued drug. However, the chemist at Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy can make up the discontinued medication for you.

Medications For People With Allergies

Most mass produced medications have fillers in them, which are additives that can cause allergic reactions in susceptible people.

When you go to a regular pharmacy you don’t have any choice in what you can purchase, but at Emslie’s compounding pharmacy you can ask for your medications without the offending ingredients.

For more information or advice about our family friendly compounding service, call Emslie’s Floreat Pharmacy Perth, WA on 08 9387 1803, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.

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