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What Is A Home Medication Review

A home medication review can assist patients in ensuring whatever their situation the correct medication is being taken in the correct way. By consulting a pharmacist, home medication reviews allow both the patient and the doctor to be assured the correct medicines are being taken in the correct forms.

We all need to take medication from time to time to improve our health. Some people only occasionally require medicines, and other people might require medicines every day for the rest of their lives. Then there’s all the people in-between who might need medication for the short or long term.

What is involved in a Home Medication Review?

Your GP will write a referral for you to visit an accredited pharmacist of your choice. Then the pharmacist will organise a review of all your medicines, perhaps in the comfort of your own home, or at the pharmacy. The pharmacist will report back to your doctor with any recommendations or suggestions following the review.

The home medication review can assist by:

Anyone and everyone can benefit from a home medication review. However, there are some patients who might have a greater need or get substantial health benefit from these reviews.

Any patient who takes multiple mediations each day, or does not always remember to take their medications for example. Having to take lots of medications can get confusing. Or there are some people who struggle to remember to take their medication. Likewise, those who are concerned or confused over their medications can benefit. Sometimes even getting to the pharmacy can be an issue so you can discuss other options in these reviews.

Usually the home medication review is no charge to the patient as the Australian government covers the cost for the pharmacy. The appointment with your doctor may carry a charge, that is really dependant on your doctor and whether they bulk-bill.

Having an independent review of all your medicines, in relation to your illness or disease, can prove incredibly beneficial to not just your physical health but also your emotional health. Having a pharmacist work alongside your doctor can eliminate any issues that could arise. Once you know that you are taking your medicines in the correct and best forms, you can relax and focus on other things.

Ensuring that medication is taken correctly, each and every day it is required, can be viewed holistically by the patient, your doctor and a pharmacist. Each party can bring different information to the table and together the best, individual review can be laid out for the patient. These reviews can eliminate any confusion or doubt.

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