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Why hire a hospital grade breast pump instead of buying one?

Medela Symphony Breast Pump Hire in Perth at Emslies Floreat Pharmacy.

During the first few weeks after your birth, a mothers supply of milk is just getting started and then it ‘learns’ how to make a bigger and bigger supply of milk every day. This growth in supply continues until it reaches a point where you can make the right amount of milk for your baby to keep them growing during the ensuing 6 months.

In most cases, this is achieved by allowing your baby to feed as often as it wants and this often 8 – 12 times a day.

On day one, your baby might be drinking as little as a teaspoon of your milk at each feed but a day or two later your milk will begin to ‘come in’.

This is when the volume of milk your breasts produce starts to increase rapidly. In a few days you will be making about 400ml each day and within a week or two you will be producing approximately 700-800ml each day.

However, if you happen to be unable to breastfeed baby fully in the first month, it’s important to stimulate your breasts with the right kind of expression method. Doing so means you will be able to activate the milk making cells in your breasts from the start in order to make enough milk to fill baby’s needs by the end of the first month. This is where the Medela hospital grade breast pump comes in.

The best way to reach these volumes of milk, according to research, is to use a quality hospital grade breast pump. The Medela Symphony hospital grade breast pump is the perfect choice for mums and breast pump hire from your local chemist is a great option.

It gives mums access to one of the best breast pumps available in Perth without the significant outlay. Plus it means when you no longer need your Medela hospital grade breast pump, you can simply return it to your local Floreat Pharmacy.

So, how much does it cost to hire a Medela Symphony Breast Pump from Emslies Floreat Pharmacy?

Deposit Required – $150
To Hire – just $40/week

To find out more about hiring a Medela Breast Pump and the benefits of doing so, contact the friendly, and knowledgeable team at Emslies Floreat Pharmacy in Perth.

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